The air in Delhi NCR is even more polluted, people’s lives difficult

Noida. The air of Delhi NCR is becoming even more polluted and dangerous. The AQI reached near 400 on Saturday, which is considered an alarming level of pollution. During this time people are also facing other problems like burning in eyes, difficulty in breathing. The level of pollution is increasing continuously and the life of people in the area adjacent to the capital Delhi i.e. Noida has become difficult. Due to the ever-increasing suffocating air, people are coming to the hospitals with complaints like asthma and stinging in the eyes. On the other hand, people have to struggle a lot to get out of the house in this smoky poisonous air.

The AQI in Noida has been recorded at 404, which remains in the hazardous category. Keeping in view the rising QI, the 4-stage rule of Grape has also been implemented. Simultaneously, the amount of fine has been increased. Along with this, construction has been completely banned and no private and commercial construction will be done. If the material kept in the open is not kept covered then it will be fined.

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