Tennis: After winning the match in the US Open, the coach gave some such praise to the player, now there is a ruckus

The shameful act of the coach of Czech tennis player Sarah Bezlek is currently in the media, the player told the spectacle of unnecessary

Winning a match or competition in a big tournament is a big deal for any player and his coach. But sometimes in the joy of victory, players or coaches do something that hardly anyone has imagined. Now the shameful act of the coach of Czech Republic tennis player Sarah Bezlek, who won the match in the US Open competition, remains a panic in the media at this time. The biggest thing is that like Sara’s coach, her father has also acted here.

Learn about the case in detail

Let us tell you that he is trying to win every player title in the fourth tennis grand slan US Open of the year being played in America. In the same tournament, the coach of 16-year-old Czech tennis player Sara Bezlek also took a wrong step and people criticized it as soon as the video went viral. On Thursday, Sarah Bezlek won the US Open qualifying match. After which she met her father standing near the tennis court soon after winning the match. Meanwhile, the father first hugged Sara and then kissed her in the joy of victory. During this, Sara’s father not only hugs her but is also seen constantly touching her hip. Then Sara met the coach standing next to her. Like the father, the coach was constantly patting Sarah on her buttocks. Celebrating Sara’s victory, this video went viral on social media, to which people started giving strong reactions.

America is so this is happening, no one pays attention in Czech Republic

In his first reaction to the video going viral on social media, Bezlek said he would never celebrate a victory like this. About the video, he said that he has seen this video. Sara further said that what happened was the instinctive reaction of the team, at that time we were all happy. Sara further said that some people found it uncomfortable. We have already discussed this with the team. This will never happen again. Sarah Bezlek said, “Father is my father and always will be.” My coaches have known me for 8 years. Sara further said that if something like this happened in the Czech Republic, no one would mind, but now that we are in America, everyone is commenting on it, but like I said, we have talked about it and it has never happened. Will not done.

who is sara bezel

16-year-old Sara Bezlek hails from the Czech Republic and has recently made a name for herself in tennis. In the year 2022, Sara has won three ITF World Tennis Tour titles. In the same year, he also made it to the semi-finals of the French Open Junior.

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