‘Survey of madrasas will be done in Uttarakhand’

Dehradun. Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami has said that soon a survey of madrassas will be conducted in Uttarakhand. Dhami said that from time to time all kinds of things keep coming out about Madrasa, in such a situation it is necessary to conduct an investigation so that the truth can come out.
In fact, after becoming the new chairman of the Uttarakhand Waqf Board, Shadab Shams has asked to conduct a survey of such properties related to the Waqf Board which have been illegally occupied. Along with this, Shadab Shams has also talked about conducting a survey of government-aided madrassas. This statement of Shadab Shams is also being praised. But one of his statements is such that the Muslim community in Uttarakhand has stood up against him.
In fact, Shadab Shams has given a statement about Piran Kaliyar of Haridwar, one of the most prestigious tombs in the country. He said that Piran Kaliyar is becoming a hotbed of human trafficking and drugs. He has spoken to the police officers regarding this. For this, he has also cited the report of a local intelligence unit. He also told that the manager of Darul Uloom Qadriya Sanwaria has also given this information by sending a letter to him.
There has been no comment from the government on his statement. But regarding the illegal occupation of the board’s property, the government has made it clear that action will definitely be taken against such illegal occupations. Let us tell you that in Uttar Pradesh too, along with the investigation of madrasas, illegal madrasas are being demolished. On the same lines, now surveys of madrasas in Uttarakhand will be conducted. (IANS)

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