Supreme Court’s warning – Dharam Sansad – Hardcore Hindutva election issue?

Attempts to create an atmosphere of hatred against minorities in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh by convening a Dharam Parliament were fueled by a warning from the Supreme Court! The reason behind this was that the court had warned the chief secretaries of these states to appear in the court for disobeying the instructions and be liable to be punished. The High Court and the Supreme Court have reprimanded the governments of the states many times for ignoring the court instructions. But they were/are unheard by deaf ears. Right now, the Chief Justice of the country, Ramanna, has recently once again advised the bureaucracy of the governments not to violate the ‘Lakshman Rekha’.

At present the issue was to stop the Dharam Sansad, on which the court said that if this religious parliament is convened, then the Chief Secretaries of the states will be responsible, and they will have to appear in the court and answer. The bureaucracy of the state follows the wishes of its political masters. Then why shouldn’t he disobey the law and rules? The bureaucracy officers felt this time that there should be disturbances in the districts – and the Chief Secretary should stand in the courtroom for punishment, it was not acceptable to them. That is why the police and administration clearly told the organizers of Dharam Sansad in Uttarakhand that people sitting in the government may worship your feet, but we have to follow the directions of the Supreme Court.

Some arrests were also made in this connection and the rest of the sadhus were explained that the words of hatred will not be allowed to happen. In this sequence, the loudspeakers installed on mosques and temples in Uttar Pradesh are also included. The honesty with which the district administration got these sound amplifiers removed from the places of worship of both the religions, the governments of these states were not listening to the demands and messages of millions of people. Which was made possible by a warning from the Supreme Court.

Perhaps for the first time, the officers succeeded in convincing their ministers that in the name of law and order, we will no longer take action like bulldozers. Because now for taking this action or disobeying the court order, not the government but the officer posted will be responsible. Who are made accountable to the field officers. Now the collector is not ready to become the wrath of the court. Because by law ministers or MPs are not responsible for peace and order. Even if their own workers are in these processions and actions. The way Hanuman Chalisa or other religious worship is recited from mosques and temples, the use of loud speakers makes other citizens uncomfortable.

The way in which some Sanatani youths in Ayodhya have foiled the attempt to disturb the atmosphere by throwing torn Quran and pure meat in the mosques by the Uttar Pradesh Police, it seems amazing. Because the culprits of the murder of a police inspector by Hindu and Bajrang Sena activists in Bulandshahr are yet to be punished. The Muslim doctor murderers and journalists of Gorakhpur are given pulses in jail on the news that hurts the government. The arrest and bail of three Ballia journalists is an example of how the government shuts down its critics. Recently, Gujarat Congress MLA Jignesh Mevani was arrested by the Assam Police for a tweet that was critical of Narendra Modi! In such an environment, the arrest of Ayodhya makes the mind suspicious.

In the core meeting of the Sangh and the Bharatiya Janata Party, in the upcoming Lok Sabha and Legislative Assembly elections, the top leaders of both the organizations decided to make Hindutva the agenda in the upcoming elections. are | The way the Supreme Court has successfully tried to control the religious poison spreading in the country, it will be tested once again in the upcoming elections. Because more than a hundred retired bureaucrats of the country have demanded in an open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi that they should make efforts about the poison of religious hysteria spreading in the country. The retired defense personnel in an open letter to the Prime Minister should also try to stop the deteriorating social harmony of the country. But till now no effort has been made by the Satrud Dal. But this fact is clear that the officer plays the ministers till the same time, until there is no harm on him. otherwise he
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