Supertech’s twin towers to be demolished today

Noida. Supertech’s Twin Towers in Noida, adjacent to Delhi, will be demolished on Sunday. Due to illegal construction, the Supreme Court has ordered its demolition. Preparations have been going on for the last several months. On Saturday, a day before it was toppled, officials conducted a final check on the explosives and other systems. It will be dropped at two and a half hours on Sunday. Officials engaged in the demolition of the Twin Towers have said that more than 3700 kg of explosives have been planted in the towers and both these buildings will collapse in 12 to 15 seconds.

However, on Saturday, the final investigation of the connection of the explosives was done. Now the only work left is to connect the twin towers and lay a hundred meter long cable from the structures to the explorer. The Exploder is the place from where the demolition work will take place on Sunday. Mumbai-based company Edifice Engineering has been entrusted with the task of demolishing two towers following a Supreme Court order.

On Saturday, a day before both the buildings were demolished, people from adjoining societies started coming out with their belongings. Around 5,000 residents of Emerald Court and adjoining ATS Village societies have been asked to step out of their homes for a day till 7 am on Sunday. The cable from the Exploder to the illegal twin towers, one hundred meters high, will be laid only after 7 am on Sunday. Before that all the societies adjacent would be empty. Mayur Mehta, project manager at Edifice Engineering, has said that once all the teams are down the buildings, the two buildings Apex and Cayenne will be interconnected.

Traffic changes have been made on the roads leading to Twin Towers in Noida Sector 93A on Sunday. Noida Police has deployed more than 400 jawans in the area of ​​Twin Towers on Sunday. The National Disaster Response Force of the NDRF and the Government of Uttar Pradesh will be on the spot to deal with any emergent situation. Noida Authority CEO Ritu Maheshwari said that after the demolition of the buildings, all arrangements are being made to clear the dust from the area.

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