Sikhs seem to be getting hung up in Punjab’s assembly

Can BJP hold the key to power in Punjab? Many Sikh leaders of Delhi, who are interfering in Sikh politics, see similar possibilities. Due to the changing equations in the politics of Punjab, these leaders believe that the Akali Dal Badal has tried to divide the Dalit vote by forming an alliance with the Bahujan Samaj Party. Along with this, Akali Dal Badal’s chief Sukhbir Badal has already said that his party’s alliance with BJP was broken due to farmers’ agitation in Delhi and not abolishing agricultural laws, but now it is not so, so the old alliance should be called off. The party can consider hung assembly in punjab

On the same lines, former BJP President and Home Minister Amit Shah has also given a statement in the past. Sardar Kulmohan Singh, who has interfered in Sikh politics for the last 50 years, has such confidence. They believe that Jat Sikhs in Punjab are still no different from Akali Dal Badal and a large section will vote in favor of Akalis in this election. Along with this, the distribution of Dalit votes due to BSP is also certain, even if it is less. In such circumstances the Akali Dal itself Will strengthen

cm charanjit singh channi

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Although the BJP does not expect much from the other parties of the alliance, including the party of former Union Minister Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa, yet due to the divided votes in the Congress and Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP, the situation of the BJP alliance and the Akali alliance improved, the results were also towards the hung assembly. can increase. And in such a situation, with the help of salable MLAs, the BJP can claim to form the government by joining hands with the Akalis. That is, the BJP, which is engaged in the turn of the keys to power, removes the anger from all possible Akalis and finds the way to power by calling them.

It is a different matter that the Congress is trying to stay in power, the inclination of Dalits is also being seen towards Channi, but some leaders who are revolting in the party have left no stone unturned to settle Channi, who vowed The party is seeing itself in trouble somewhere or the other. Sardar Kulmohan says that Punjab saw the role of Sardar Buta Singh, Darbara Singh and Jail Singh in the 1984 incident. It is a matter of fact that the voter has seen him a lot through the greedy eyes of the AAP party. What color does Kejriwal’s announcement of providing electricity, water free and giving 1000-1000 rupees to women show, its effect is bound to be there.

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