Sensitivity, empathy key to promoting human rights: President

New Delhi. President Draupadi Murmu on Saturday said that sensitivity and empathy are the keys to promoting human rights and it makes sense to treat others the way you would like to be treated. Sushri Murmu inaugurated the program organized by the National Human Rights Commission at Vigyan Bhawan on the occasion of Human Rights Day today.

The United Nations has chosen ‘Dignity, Freedom and Justice for All’ as the theme for the year 2022. Smt. Murmu said that she is happy that now in its 30th year, the NHRC has done a commendable job of protecting as well as promoting human rights. He also participates in various global forums for human rights.

India is proud that its work has been appreciated internationally. He said, “The world has suffered a large number of natural disasters over the years and now climate change is knocking at the door and people in poor countries are going to pay a heavy price for the degradation of our environment.

We must now consider the environmental dimension of justice. We must learn to treat nature with respect. It is not only a moral duty but it is also necessary for our own existence.

Quoting the message of Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi, National Human Rights Commission Chairman Justice Arun Mishra said that civilization declines due to lack of discipline when only rights are demanded and duties are forgotten. To be successful in life, it is the responsibility of a person to perform his duties. He said “India is a multilingual and multi-cultural society.

Unity in diversity is our strength. Our basic principle is ‘Bahujan Sukhay-Bahujan Hitay’. Our aim is to spread awareness about legal means among the weaker section of people. Celebrating this day without providing dignity and equal rights to women is meaningless. Let us live with dignity for the right to life and provide the same to others.

Justice Mishra said that in the quest to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, we are cutting trees, due to which our health is deteriorating day by day. Therefore, to protect our right to life, we have to perform the duty of protecting the environment and preventing climate change.

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