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Exams are necessary to test the ability. In the olden times, the measure of recruitment in the armies of the rulers used to be physical fitness. In modern times, education and mental understanding became its basis. But what if the test, which is required to determine eligibility, has mites such as copying and slipping out? This is such a difficult question, due to which the system related to the Teacher Recruitment Examination (UP TET) canceled due to the paper leak in Uttar Pradesh, the government and most of all those candidates who came to the examination centers and came to know that the form was leaked. Because of this, they are engulfed in a tragic uncertainty.

Even though the UP government has assured to conduct this examination again in a month, but in view of the possibilities of the model code of conduct in the election environment, no one knows when these examinations once postponed will be held again. But the uncertainty is not so much. It is also whether the paper of the upcoming examinations will not be leaked.

Incidents of gangs leaking papers of almost every competitive examination in the country, deep-seated corruption in the system and every time the government’s big claims are hollowed out have brought the veracity of most of the past examinations into doubt. Not only this, the examinations which have been made the standard of every qualification, now they seem to be redundant.

In most such cases, no one expects that governments, which fail to take any investigation to the conclusion, will be able to put a check on the ineffective officials and criminals who leak papers. However, if they want to do so and show political will, then there is no problem.

The biggest question here is the frustration of the candidates appearing in the competitive or entrance examinations. If the papers of important competitive examinations and entrance examinations of prestigious courses are leaked in advance, the recruitment is rigged with money or the candidates are passed by cheating by cheating, then those hardworking candidates and candidates suffer the most. Those who try to prove their worth in an examination on the strength of talent.

This relentless cycle of paper leak scandals leaves the candidates with the option of re-preparing for the examination to travel and bear all the expenses, which no government reimburses. This time, the Yogi government of UP has given exemption from re-payment of examination fees and the option of free return journey to the candidates in UP Roadway buses, but the wounds caused by these accidents are so deep that such ointments do not give much relief.

An example of how these incidents fill lakhs of unemployed with outrage is the Combined Graduate Level Examination held three years ago under the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) on February 17-21, 2018. Its question paper was leaked on social media during the online examination itself. Then the exam was stopped. It was natural for the students to get angry at this, as it required them to work hard and spend money again for the exam. Thousands of students had come out on dharna-demonstration on this.

Some political parties, including social worker Anna Hazare, had also supported the movement, demanding a CBI inquiry into it. Eventually the government had agreed to a CBI probe into the entire episode. This incident and all the incidents that followed it have proved that the students are no longer able to bear the consequences of the lapses of the system. In the latest examination of Uttar Pradesh teacher recruitment, the paper leak again proved that the government has no cure for this merger.

The cycle of leaflet leaks has increased so much in recent years that hardly any prestigious examination has escaped its grip. Apart from teacher recruitment, UP-PCS, UP Combined Pre-Medical Test, UP-CPMT, SSC, ONGC and Railway Recruitment Board exams papers have been leaked in recent years. It has also been learned that question papers sold for Rs 50,000 to Rs 5 lakh were made available on social media. It is also possible that in unexplained cases, hundreds of people may have been able to get jobs or admission in prestigious courses through such stealthy routes. In such a situation, the question will remain whether our competitive examinations will ever be able to get rid of this disease.

In fact, today there is hardly any corner of the country where the gang leaking cards have not done their job. Even the credible educational organization like CBSE has been breached by the paper leak gang. Many criminals who are notorious for leaking papers have also been arrested. But the failure to stop it proves that the system of examination system which determines the eligibility criteria has become completely lumpy. Governments take leaflet leakage very lightly, so this merger is becoming incurable.

One aspect of this is also related to unemployment and the desire for government jobs. In most such examinations, the number of applicants for a few hundred or thousand posts is in lakhs. Competitive exams like TET and CTET have gone a step ahead to qualify for jobs like teacher recruitment. These exams neither provide any educational qualification nor provide job, but have become such a ladder of being qualified for the job, through which only job assurance is given.

Still, the situation is that the number of its applicants is in lakhs. Similarly, it is now common for eight to ten lakh candidates to appear in other government jobs and entrance examinations of medical and engineering colleges. The total meaning of all this is that whether it is a matter of professional course or job, everywhere the situation is one hundred and fifty sick. Demand is high, supply is low. Wherever such situations arise, the role of money and illegal gimmicks naturally increases.

Here comes a quirk of our society. Many parents want to get any government job that gives social status to their children, relatives on the basis of money. They think that once they get a government job in any legal or illegal way, then their whole life will be saved. A large number of such people are those who buy seats in good institutions by giving donations and if given a chance, try to get the paper of any entrance or recruitment exam.

But because of these few hundred or thousand people, the hard work and talent of lakhs of youths who want to make their future on the strength of their ability gets wasted. This requires political will. It has to be understood that by making the examinations online or by locking the papers inside, human demerits do not get guarded. For that, the culprits need to be caught and punished severely.

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