Satire: Kamal Nath poured such whey, Digvijay kept getting Guru Dakshina.

Seeing Digvijay’s loyalty to the party, ideology and Gandhi family, it was considered how it would be if the President was elected unanimously. The whole game just got messed up here. The burning people first called Kamal Nath for a general opinion.

Digvijay Singh’s name also came for the post of Congress President.

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Raghogarh Maharaj gave up the claim of Congress President Digvijay Singh Now feeling like the Shah of Shahs. He wrote by tweeting- ‘Chinta has gone away, Manua be care, I don’t want tortoise, he is Shahan’s Shah.’ Shashi Tharoor was not saying wrong… Bhishma is Pitamah Mallikarjun Kharge… He said in gestures that the Congress President is like a sleeping person. Ishaar Digvijay understood, even after the 2024 general elections, the sun will come in Uttarayan, there is a doubt about it. With this, the role of Dronacharya is just right. A qualified disciple like Rahul will give some Guru Dakshina.

Seeing the sun of Congress in Dakshinayan, Digvijay Singh took Rahul in the south direction and said – start the India Jodo Yatra from Kanyakumari, do not be afraid Arjun, I have also done three thousand two hundred kilometer padyatra. During Narmada Parikrama, half of MP’s 230 seats were covered in 2018 itself. I am also telling you the shortcut to power accomplishment. Lord Rama established the Jyotirlinga in Rameshwaram for the victory over Lanka. You walk from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. This route will cover 371 seats. There is not much left for you in Hastinapur anyway. Saffron is waving everywhere there, but when you start the journey with the tricolor from the south, the political atmosphere of the country will have changed by the time the cow dung is coming. And I will coordinate this journey.

While crossing from Tamil Nadu to Kerala, Bulavva came from Delhi for Digvijay Singh, and the nomination for the post of Congress President was indicated. Maharaj felt that Guru Dakshina is being given in the middle of the Bharat Jodo Yatra. Surely the time for becoming the Chakravarti emperor in Congress politics is approaching. Leaving the journey in the middle, he left for Delhi for the same wish. But desire also gave birth to worry. Because whoever wanted in the Congress never got it, but the Gandhi family did not give what he wanted. However, the sneeze from the part of the cat was definitely broken. Digvijay remembered that one day he was suddenly made the CM of MP. And if the goddess is pleased during Navratri, then what is the presidency of Congress?

But his wish reached the goddess. Due to his desire, the high command remembered the wish of the poet Makhanlal Chaturvedi of MP itself, KC Venugopal read the last line and recited it – break me down, throw me on that path, bow down to the motherland, heroic the path to go. several.

Seeing Digvijay’s loyalty to the country, party, ideology and Gandhi family, it was considered how it would be if the President was elected unanimously. The whole game just got messed up here. The burning people first called Kamal Nath for a general opinion. Kamal Nath built so many bridges praising Digvijay that Madam was shocked. Sources say that he told that he is so secular that even Osama bin Laden is called Osamaji. Even Modi ji respects him.

A year after becoming PM for the first time, he had left all the work in his son’s reception. So after two years majority in Goa came because of him. Saying this, Kamal Nath left from the narrow lane. And the letter of Goa’s ex-CM Edward Faleiro, who left the party, was caught in the hands of Madam … in which it was written – despite having majority, Digvijayji had not let go to the Governor to present his claim … So someone gently called such a madam Raja Sir. The Dalits and Backward would hesitate to come to someone told that he is Dronacharya, he alone is equal to all the leaders of G-23.

Diggi Raja sensed the change in the atmosphere at Ten Janpath. He also felt that there are more biteers in the Congress, and then the election of the President’s post is a game of the weak link. The one who is strong gets out of this game. The one who is weakest comes a long way.

When Kharge’s claim came to light, Digvijay also went to meet him at night, but Kharge did not open the cards. When I came to know from the media in the morning, I again reached Kharge and said that I would like to be your proposer. Kharge smiled. Digvijay then saw a flashback of the entire incident. Why was Delhi read?.. Then why was the form filled in the name of internal democracy? Kharge was slowly thrown into the field. Manish Tiwari, Anand Sharma, Mukul Wasnik all gathered in the name of consensus.

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Shashi Tharoor was given the task of keeping the internal democracy alive by filing the form. Congratulation rang at Congress headquarters…after a long time…everyone started living happily…after a long time…and thus the happy ending of the Congress story…. Slowly leaving the room humming to Digvijay – take this your Lakuti Kamariya , dance a lot. Surdas then behensi jasoda, lay urkantha. Just then his phone rings – you are in AICC? Yes, you come through the side door, madam wants to meet you. A slight smile replaced the anger on his face. Steps turn towards Ten Janpath.


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