Prashant Kishor making his way back

Election strategist Prashant Kishor is currently running the Suraj campaign in Bihar. But it looks like they want to postpone this campaign and return to their old work. They have started showing signs that they are making a comeback. After coming with JDU and RJD in Bihar, he first raised many questions on this and said for Nitish Kumar that this is his sixth experiment. One of these experiments was done by Prashant Kishor himself. After the separation of Lalu Prasad and Nitish Kumar, it was Prashant Kishor who used to bring the two together for the first time. If it was right for the two to come together seven years ago, then why would it be wrong now?

However, Prashant Kishor, after initially raising the question, said that if the current Nitish Kumar government gives five to 10 lakh jobs in two years, then he will stop his Suraj campaign. The question is whether Prashant Kishor plans to continue running the Suraj campaign for the next two years? If they run the Suraj campaign for two years and keep counting the jobs, only then will they decide to stop or keep running this campaign? If the Suraj campaign is to be run for two years, then what will happen to forming the political party which they are preparing? Is he preparing to announce a new party on 26th January? If they keep an eye on the functioning of the JDU-RJD government for two years, it means they will not form the party!

It looks like they are preparing to postpone their current campaign. For this, they will not wait till five lakh people get jobs or not. They will already do this work. Nitish Kumar has announced to give 10 lakh jobs from Gandhi Maidan on 15th August and if he takes any initiative in this direction then its results will be visible in next few days and then Prashant Kishor will stop his campaign on this pretext. Informed sources say that before that he can talk to Nitish Kumar and he can start work for opposition unity under the leadership of Nitish. If Nitish becomes the common face of the opposition and PK handles their election management, then the picture of 2024 will have changed.

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