posters will be put outside the house for drinking alcohol

Patna If someone is caught drinking liquor for the first time in Bihar, then he will be fined, but a warning poster will be put up at his house. It will be written in the poster that if caught drinking alcohol for the second time, one year imprisonment is certain. According to officials of the alcohol prohibition department, the purpose of pasting the poster is to give a warning. Departmental officers will also investigate such people and if in doubt they will be able to check them with a breath analyzer.

It is noteworthy that this year by amending the Prohibition Act, a provision has been made to release the first time drinkers with a fine if caught.

According to the departmental officer, a provision has been made to release the accused caught in the case of drinking alcohol for the first time by giving an affidavit and a fine of three to five thousand rupees. So far, more than 50 thousand people have been released by paying fine under the provision.

It is said that the Prohibition Department has taken such a step because complaints are being received that many people are consuming alcohol again after being caught for the first time. It is noteworthy that even after the prohibition of liquor, there has been an allegation of running illegal liquor business in Bihar. Every day there are reports of liquor seizures from one or the other part of the state.

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