Positioning of Muslim leaders of SP

The leaders of the Samajwadi Party are Muslim leaders doing their positioning. After the victory of BJP for the second time in the state and Yogi Adityanath became the Chief Minister, the Muslim leaders of the party, especially Azam Khan., His family and his close leaders are trying to save themselves. By the way, party MP Shafiqur Rahman Burke has also targeted SP National President Akhilesh Yadav and expressed his displeasure saying that the party is not doing anything for Muslims but his point is different. They keep coming and going in and out of SP. But Azam Khan’s case is a bit different.

Azam Khan’s entire family is trapped in different cases. Some people have been imprisoned and Azam himself is still in jail. One by one, bail is getting from the court but they feel that complete liberation is not possible without keeping distance from SP. That is why he has openly given a message of distance from the Samajwadi Party. His media in-charge Fashat Ali Khan and alias Sanu attacked the SP leadership fiercely. Said that on the basis of Muslims, SP 111 Got seats but the party is not doing anything for the Muslims. He even said that the SP leadership made him ie Azam Khan and other Muslims as enemies of BJP and are enjoying themselves.

Certainly this statement has been made with the consent of Azam Khan. But the speculations being made after this are not true. Like it was said that Azam Khan is upset over not being made the leader of the legislature party. The reality is that there was never talk of making Azam Khan the leader of the legislature party. Yes, Shivpal Yadav is definitely angry because he had to become the leader of the legislature party. There is a speculation that Azam Khan’s family will go to BJP. No question of this arises. BJP will not touch them even with tongs.

Then there is the question that what will Azam Khan and his family do to avoid the action of the police and administration., Its first phase has started. The first step is to distance yourself from the SP. After that the second phase will be to benefit the BJP in some way. This work will be done in the by-election to be held on Rampur Lok Sabha seat. It is possible that Azam Khan’s family does some such politics., So that BJP gets victory. One way to do this is by not contesting any family member. Another way is to go to BSP and fight it. Whatever be the case, Azam Khan’s family is now going to leave the politics fighting against the BJP.

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