PM Modi suggested ‘one nation one police uniform’, beware of fake news

Surajkund. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has suggested to introduce ‘One Nation One Police Uniform’ on the lines of ‘One Nation One Ration Card’ to bring uniformity in police of all states, give them a common identity and unite their strength. Is.

Addressing the Chintan Shivir of State Home Ministers here on Friday, Shri Modi said that the country is progressing very fast and new challenges are emerging at the same speed. He said that all the state and central government will have to deal with these challenges in the spirit of Team India keeping the national perspective ahead and if we face them unitedly then all the challenges will be sown. He said that in order to create a fear and terror free society, the police and concerned agencies of all the states have to take strict action against the anti-social forces and no leniency should be shown in this matter.

Shri Modi said that the idea of ​​One Nation One Police Uniform should also be seriously discussed on the same lines as the system of One Nation One Ration Card and One Nation One Grid in the country. By adopting such an approach, the police of the whole country will be benefited, one will ensure their identity, secondly the quality will increase and the strength of each other in the police fleet will increase. He said that he does not want to impose his views on any state but he wants that the suggestion should be considered.

The Prime Minister said that India is progressing very fast on the journey of development, in such a situation its challenges are also going to increase and sometimes these challenges also turn into enmity. Without naming any country, he said that any country can be unhappy with India’s fast development journey and it can also buy enmity with India to maintain its supremacy in various fields. He said, this is a natural process, but to deal with it, we have to unite and create such an environment that no one can do things contrary to our interests.

Shri Modi told all the states that strict action against anti-social forces is very necessary to create a sense of security among the people who like peace in the society. There should be no leniency of any kind against these forces. He said that by being generous to one percent anti-social forces, 99 percent people who like peace should not be treated unfairly.

Describing tourists as very important for the prestige and image of any country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that tourists can make and spoil the image of the country only on the basis of their short stay. For this, all the states should also consider the formation of tourism police and specially trained personnel should be kept in it. In this context, he also appealed to solve the problem of traffic jams near major tourist places. He said that these tourist centers cannot be changed but a system can be developed to solve the problem of traffic there.

Shri Modi said that law and order is no longer confined within the purview of any one state and with the use of technology, crimes can be easily committed from one state to another state and from other country to our country. He said that solid coordination between the agencies of all the states is very important to deal with this problem. It is the responsibility of every state that all its agencies should openly help all the agencies of other state or center. The Prime Minister said that there should be no distinction between big and small between agencies and police. He also stressed on developing new technology to tackle newer modes of crime and said, “Our agencies have to be 10 steps ahead of the crime world. Spending on technology can save our other expenses, so don’t hold back from spending on technology. Emphasizing on the importance of human intelligence in the investigation of various crimes, the Prime Minister said, along with the development of technology, we should strengthen this mode very much because the power of man to test and divide is very important in investigation.

Advocating for the repeal of the old laws which are hindering the convenience of the citizens, Shri Modi said that in their place, laws should be made according to the needs of the changing times. (talk)

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