Petrol-diesel most expensive in Rajasthan, bags filling neighboring states

Jaipur | Petrol Diesel Expensive in Rajasthan: As soon as the assembly elections in five states of the country are over, the ghost of inflation, which has been sitting quiet for the last three-four months, has re-awakened. Before the elections, it was only intimidating, but after the completion of the elections, it has given such a shock to the people that, now it has made people sleepy. After 137 days, the oil companies have again given a big blow to the people and set the prices of petrol and diesel on fire. In such a situation, the condition of the general public is bound to be bad. What will you bathe naked and what will you squeeze… Rajasthan has the biggest impact in the prices of petrol and diesel. Here, the prices of petrol and diesel have already tightened the air of the people even to the government.

The Gehlot government of the state itself is troubled by this inflationary calamity. The most expensive diesel in the country is being sold in Rajasthan, but the state government is in no mood to give relief to the general public. In Sriganganagar district of Rajasthan, there has been such a fire in the prices of petrol and diesel that the most expensive petrol and diesel in the country is being sold here. In such a situation, the state government has come to the situation of what not to do and now orders are being passed to get diesel filled from neighboring states in the state government buses as well.

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Loss of revenue due to cheap…
The Chief Minister of Rajasthan may be busy in filling the bag of government employees, but he has to pay attention to the loss of revenue of the state by buying diesel from neighboring states. After the oil companies increased the price of diesel in bulk by Rs 25, the Transport Corporation allowed the buses to buy diesel from the open market. Even inter-state plying buses have been asked to buy cheaper diesel from neighboring states. For this, the depot of Rajasthan adjacent to the state border will talk to the petroleum dealer of the neighboring state for this. Head of the state, you should also pay some attention so that the revenue of the state remains in the state and the capital of the state goes out due to cheap affair. Because, you have to do whatever you want to do for the development of the state.

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Roadways being robbed to save
Petrol Diesel Expensive in Rajasthan: Due to the continuous increase in the prices of diesel in bulk, the price of bulk diesel given by the oil companies to the roadways has now reached Rs 106.71 per liter, touching the sky. Whereas the market or retail price of diesel is low. In such a situation, in order to save 48 lakhs daily, roadways have started buying diesel in retail instead of bulk. But due to increase in bulk stock prices in the last few months and now taking diesel at retail, roadways have to pay Rs 43 to 45 lakh more per day. Due to this the loss of roadways is increasing. But who can explain them? There is a saying… Andher Nagari Chapat Raja…

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