People Burnt Under Police Bus | Two people burnt under the police car posted under Home Minister’s security, died, the police kept making videos. Navabharat

creepy: You must have seen many such videos of conscientious policemen risking their lives or risking their lives to save the lives of common citizens. Just watching this video makes such policemen proud. But at this time such a video of the police is going viral, seeing which one can get angry.

Yes, let us tell you that a bike rider was burnt alive under the police car posted for the meeting of the Home Minister and the police was making a video of him instead of saving him. The video of this incident is also going viral on social media, which is quite condemnable.

Let us tell you that this shocking incident has happened near Deoria village of Bihar. In fact, a police bus hit the bike on the Chhapra-Siwan highway. Two young men flew and fell on the road. So a young man went far and wide with a bike and a bus. After some distance, the petrol tank of the police bus exploded and there was a loud explosion. Then a fire broke out under the bus. A bike rider trapped in the car got scorched in this fire.

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As soon as the bus caught fire, the police came out of the bus to save the lives of the people in the bus. He saw that the bike rider was burning under the car. But surprisingly, they did not try to save the young man. The police who saved lives were watching the spectacle of death in front of their eyes. Instead of saving the bike rider, the police continued to make videos of him burning alive and suffering.

Video Credit-News 18

Let us tell you that according to the report, the local people told that the bus driver was drunk and due to this he lost control of the vehicle and the accident happened.

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