Pakistan: Two boxers who went to take part in Commonwealth Games went missing under mysterious circumstances, suspected to be hiding in Birmingham

A Pakistani official has said that the image of the country is being tarnished by this issue.

In the recently concluded Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England, while Indian players have won gold, silver and bronze medals in different sports, Pakistani players have made their mark in the world. . The thing is that two Pakistani boxers who went to play the Commonwealth Games have gone missing under mysterious circumstances and now the Boxing Federation has started their search. But till now there has been no contact between these two players. It is believed that both these players want to settle in Europe and that is why they are missing. Both of them want that they can get citizenship in any European country. However, this is not the first time that the players of the Pakistani team have gone missing. Even before this, many such exploits of Pakistani players have come to the fore.

Both the players disappeared while boarding the bus

According to the report of a Pakistani newspaper, the missing boxers are Suleiman Baloch and Nazirullah. At present, both of them disappeared when the other players of the team were going to board the bus. This bus was going to Birmingham Airport and from there all the players had to reach Islamabad by flight. The most surprising thing is that the travel documents of both of them are with the Pakistani authorities. The matter has been given to the British Government. However, the UK has not contacted Pakistan on the issue. Although it is also believed that both of them may be hiding in Birmingham at this time. But because of these two once again the image of Pakistan has been tarnished.

Pakistan Olympic Association formed a four-member inquiry committee

On the other hand, the Pakistan Olympic Association has taken this matter very seriously. Now a four-member inquiry committee has been formed regarding this matter. The committee is also verifying all the travel documents of the players. Does any of his relatives live in the UK? They are also being investigated. On this issue, a Pakistani official has said that the image of the country is being tarnished by this issue. We will try that the British Government should help us in this matter. So that both can be found quickly. Both of them did not get any medal in the Commonwealth. Not only this, whenever the players of both the countries came face to face in this Commonwealth Games, India defeated Pakistan in all the games.

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