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Coronavirus Omicron Variant Updates: After the entry of a new variant of Coronavirus (Coronavirus Ka Naya Variant), scientists from all over the world have started studying this form. How dangerous is the ‘Omicron’ variant of Kovid-19 compared to other forms? Or how much is responsible in new cases and whether the existing Corona Vaccine is effective on this strain or not, scientists are busy to know the answers to all these questions.

Amidst all these questions, recently, scientists of South Africa, where the first case of Omicron variant was found (Omicron Variant Ka Pehla Mamla), had told that only mild disease is being seen in the patient suffering from this variant. Is. That is, if a person is infected with this variant, then he will show less symptoms of corona and he can be treated at home too. While this news did some relief work, in the meantime scientists have issued a new warning about Omicron.

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It’s too early to say anything now

Leading South African scientists say it is too early to say whether the Omicron variant will cause only mild disease. During a presentation on Wednesday, scientists said that it is too early to say what the effect of this strain (Omicron Variant Ka Prabhav) is going to be. Because so far the new variant of Corona (Covid-19 New Variant) has caught the most of the youth, who have more ability to fight against germs. Such people are getting sick a few days after getting infected with corona.

The National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) says that the Omicron variant has spread completely in South Africa. Now the cases of Coronavirus are coming out twice as fast here. During her presentation, NICD chief Michelle Groom said Omicron has mostly targeted the young, but is now infecting the elderly as well. In this case, we are assuming that most of the serious problems appear only after a few weeks.

Earlier scientists had given this warning

Earlier, the president of the South African Medical Association had told that patients infected with the Omicron variant can be treated at home, as they have mild symptoms. Also, such patients did not lose their ability to smell and neither did their oxygen level drop. If someone is infected with this variant, then that patient feels very tired for a day or two and they may have problems with bodyache, fatigue and headache.

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