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Omicron Variant Cases update: The omicron variant of the corona virus has spread in more than 57 countries of the world. Its patients (Omicron Variant Cases in India) are increasing in India. But the good news is that the Omicron patient found in Maharashtra has now recovered completely. His report has come negative. This patient had come to India from South Africa and was found to be coronavirus positive on 24 November. This patient did not have any severe symptoms. Doctors say that this patient did not have any serious illness and this is a good sign. More than two dozen people had come in contact with this patient. Everything has been tested.

However, the situation in India is that the total number of coronavirus cases in India is increasing. Scientists and doctors have warned of the third wave and cautioned that all people should adopt all measures to prevent corona. Experts also say that the Omicron variant of Corona is spreading. But it won’t cause any major catastrophe.

First Omicron patient found in Maharashtra on 24 November

The first case of Omicron was found in Maharashtra on 24 November. This person, a resident of Dombivali in Mumbai, had reached Mumbai from Cape Town in South Africa via Dubai and Delhi. At that time he had a negative report of the corona test. He again underwent a PCR test at the Delhi airport in which he was found positive but before the report came, the patient was allowed to go to Mumbai. When he reached Mumbai, he showed his old report which was negative, so he was allowed to go home. Symptoms emerged in that person at home, so he quarantined himself at home. Later, KDMC contacted him through field surveillance and immediately got him admitted to the Corona Care Center. On December 4, his genome sequencing report came and it was found that he was infected with Omicron. A total of 35 contacts of this person were traced and tested but all came out negative. Apart from this, 25 passengers traveling in the flight with him were also investigated and the report of all came negative.

Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope says that so far the situation in the state is under control and the government is closely monitoring the situation. He said that as per the reports so far, the new variant of Corona is not causing any serious condition.



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