OMG | With high ‘JOSH’, this child taught pigeon, pus, flowerpot, people watching the video said, this should be the UPSC candidate. Navabharat

Pic : @JaikyYadav16

Mumbai : Often you must have seen children in school being beaten or scolded for not studying by the teacher or for having fun, but seeing the enthusiasm of this child going viral on social media, you can see Will be stunned. Actually, a video on social media is currently making headlines. The reason behind the video going viral is not the wickedness of the child, but his enthusiasm for studies.

In this video you can see that a small child is teaching K, K, C of Hindi to all the children of the class in his Nuland voice. There is so much enthusiasm in the voice of the child that its effect is visible in the children sitting behind him. In the video, the youngest child says with full gusto at the earliest that a pigeon is repeated by the children sitting behind him.

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Then the child says to the pus, now again it is repeated once again by the other children. That’s how he continues to read. Significantly, this video has been shared by Jaiky Yadav on the social media platform Twitter. Sharing the video, he wrote, ‘There should be so much enthusiasm in every UPSC aspirant.’ Let us tell you that this video is becoming very viral on social media at the moment. It is going viral.

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