Nifty will run more till next Diwali; Bumper earning opportunities in these stocks


Diwali 2021: During the one year from Diwali to Diwali, the stock market has given investors the benefit of good earnings, while there have been many stocks that have seen excellent returns. Bank Nifty has been the best performer in this. In the coming months, experts estimate that it can climb up to about 20 percent and reach the level of 48 thousand.

bank shares will run out

Apart from this, market experts are telling a target of 21000 by next Diwali regarding Nifty. They are also saying that banking stocks will continue to dominate in the rally ahead. The reason behind this is the low interest rates and the policy steps of the Reserve Bank (RBI). In the coming days, if the Reserve Bank’s soft stance on interest on loans continues, then stocks related to banking business can continue to grow well.

Big profits in small stocks
Small-medium stocks have outperformed the giants this year. The mid and smallcaps have gained a lot and their valuations look expensive. In such a situation, market experts are also advising some profit-booking from the upper level in those stocks.

However, full signs of bullishness are visible in the big stocks. Public sector banks and select pharma companies are expected to perform well in banks.

where will the market go
In the coming months, the market’s eye will now be on the price of crude oil, the elections of Uttar Pradesh and the Union Budget 2022. If the prices of crude oil increased further and interest is started reducing by the Reserve Bank, then the pressure can be seen in the market.

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