NIA announces Rs 3 lakh reward on most wanted Matin Taha

Mangaluru. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has announced a reward of three lakh rupees for finding Matin Taha, the most wanted suspect in Karnataka’s Mangaluru cooker blast case. Official sources gave this information here. NIA is probing the Mangaluru cooker blast case. Remembering this, Matin’s mother had tears in her eyes.

My son has been missing for the last three years and I don’t know where he is. He was studying engineering in Bangalore and after completing his engineering degree in just three years, he was working in a private company in Bangalore. He said there was no contact with Mateen, who went missing from Bengaluru three years ago. Sharik and Major knew each other as they were from the same city.

He said that if my son has done something wrong then he should be punished. My son is 29 years old. He is our eldest son, he has a brother and a sister, and we still don’t know why Mateen, who has so much love and trust for everyone, did this. Mateen’s mother mourned her son and said, “Even today the whole family is washing their hands in tears and is still unable to recover from this shock.”

The NIA has already announced a reward of Rs 3 lakh to anyone providing secret information on Mateen. Mateen is the son of retired army man Manzoor Ahmed and Shahista. Now Mateen’s mother also wants that her son should be punished if he has done something wrong.

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