New revelation in Shraddha murder case

New Delhi, Everyday new revelations are happening in the Shraddha-Aftab case. A new revelation in Shraddha’s murder case is that Aftab was intoxicated and often used to fight with Shraddha. This has been revealed after a new picture surfaced. In the picture, marks of injuries are visible on Shraddha’s face. It is being told that a friend of Shraddha has shared the picture. He has claimed that Aftab brutally beat Shraddha two years ago in December 2020. After that Shraddha got these injuries.

Meanwhile, Shraddha’s chat with her company’s manager also revealed that Aftab used to fight often. Shraddha has written to the manager of the company for leave, stating that she is unable to walk due to Aftab’s beatings. Significantly, both Shraddha and Aftab were in a live-in relationship since 2019. Aftab killed Shraddha on May 18 and cut her into 35 pieces and threw them in the forest.

Meanwhile, for the fourth consecutive day, the police were searching for Shraddha’s body parts in the forests of Mehrauli. Aftab has confessed in police interrogation that he had burnt Shraddha’s face to hide her identity. Police have found 13 pieces so far. They will have forensic and DNA tests. Meanwhile, the Saket court has ordered the police to get Aftab’s narco test done within five days. The challenge before the police is that the search for Shraddha’s body parts, murder weapon and mobile is still on.

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