Nakul Panwar : Hardworking and Determined Taekwondo Athlete

Nakul Panwar a taekwondo international athlete was born on 4th August in 1998. He was born and brought up in town Ailum , district- Shamli ,state – Uttar Pradesh. He is fund of doing taekwondo, gym, watching movies and eating. He is an talented and determined person in every aspect. he is very well aware of his future goals and plans.

He has been graduated from Carlox teacher university. Life has been not so easy for anytime he has also faced number of obstacles. His arm ligament was broken at the 2013 National, At that time he felt as if everything was over, That time was very challenging and struggling for him The best part about him is that he knows how to handle different situations in life. According to him the best way to deal with these problems is to deal them with cool mind.

His biggest motivations in his life is his achievements and the medals that he has won for his country. He is blessed with best mentors in the form of his coach Mr Sandeep Kund and his big brother Mr Prakash Nanjapp who is also an Olympian and Arjun awardee. According to him his biggest achievement was when he became the common wealth champion.
Till today he is an international athlete , national team member. He is also a certified personal fitness trainer, certified nutritionist and certified onlne trainer which is commendable .His biggest achievement is that he is the first and the only player from his country to have three commonwealth medals. He has also represented his country in Asian championship, world university games, world championships. And he is the only taekwondo athlete from India who featuring in national and international magazines . He have enough experience to teach someone that is praiseworthy. According to him a good athlete becomes a good coach.

His is some of the remarkable achievements are first that he got selected to represent India in taekwondo commonwealth championship that was held in Scotland in 2014 . he also Represented India in 8th Asian taekwondo championship in 2014-2015 The most unbelievable achievement is that he Participated in Canada open international championship-2017. He Participated in world university games 2017( highest games in world after Olympic) not only this he also got 2 gold and 1bronze medal in commonwealth championship held in Canada 2017. The is list is never ending he further participated in international championship held in Canada-2019 He got selected for senior world championship 2019 and world university games 2019 but had withdrawn his name from the team due to injury. In Sub-Junior National he won 4 gold and one silver medal. The most commendable achievement was that . In junior national he won 5 gold medal. In senior national he won 2 gold and 1 bronze medal.

He believes that whatever you do you should be consistent and full determined. This mantra will not only make you achieve what you want but also make you a better person. Whatever situations comes in your life giving up should never be a option.

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