Mother tongue survey of 576 languages ​​completed in the country, ‘web’ collection plan

New Delhi. The Ministry of Home Affairs has successfully completed the mother tongue survey of 576 languages ​​and dialects across the country. According to the Ministry of Home Affairs’ annual report for 2021-22, a ‘web’ archive is planned to be set up at the National Informatics Center to preserve and analyze the true form of each indigenous mother tongue. Has been.

According to the report, the work of organizing information related to indigenous languages ​​is going on for this. The work of Mother Language Survey of India (MTSI) project has been successfully completed with ‘field videography’ of 576 mother tongues, the report said.

According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Language Survey of India (LSI) is a regular research activity. In continuation of the earlier publications under this project, the work of LSI Jharkhand has been completed and the work of LSI Himachal Pradesh is nearing completion. Field work of LSI Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh is in progress. The video will be shared on ‘NIC servers’ for the purpose of collecting ‘speech data’ of mother tongues, the report said.

The Home Ministry said that many new initiatives have been taken in the upcoming census including advanced geospatial technology. The census work was stopped due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. The jurisdictional changes in the country since the 2011 Census till 31st December 2019 have been updated in the geo-referenced ‘database’ and are being updated further. (Language)

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