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Meet Mukul Sharma aka Stufflistings: The Most Popular Leakster

Hey guys! This is Mukul Sharma aka Stufflistings, welcome to yet another episode of Techstuff! Sorry, that’s not my line. xD. Today we have a special guest with us. A professor, a leakster, a tech expert, a Youtuber and Domino’s favourite Mukul Sharma. You are missing a lot of good stuff if you’re not following him on Twitter. Without further ado, let’s get the interview started.

The Journey of Mukul Sharma

Mukul Sharma (more known as Stuff Listings) grew up in Jammu and Kashmir and he grew up a bit too much in size. He was 133kg thin once in life. Then, he decided to join the army which kind of looked impossible at that time for him. That, however, turned out to be true in the end and he became a cadet at the National Defence Academy. A medical mishap forced him to leave the forces and become a Mechanical Engineer. He has worked in the sales, in the IT, in education, and now he is ruling the tech world.

Then Stufflistings…

He entered the community of leaks not too long ago. He used to see a lot of fake leaks popping up here and there and he used to feel helpless times. Then he thought of doing something about it and the rest is history. When we asked him about his interest in tech, he replied,

I was always fascinated about mobile phones. My dad did his level best to provide me with as many devices as I demanded. That, however, was still fairly limited and I always used to fantasize that one day I’ll be able to get as many smartphones as possible. God sees it all, apparently.”

Mukul Sharma Stufflistings

He was a professor or I would say, he was the most loved professor at LPU. Mukul Sharma shares his experience of university. “I have already resigned, but I had an amazing stay at LPU. My students loved me (at least that’s what I think). They used to ask for “exclusive leaks” in the classrooms, LOL. I feel proud to say that I’ve left the university in the safe hands of a big team of bloggers to carry forward my legacy. I don’t know whether or not I’m the most favourite, but I loved the way my students made me feel.”

Which one do you prefer Mukul Sharma or Stufflistings?

Mukul Sharma is old school. Stufflistings is the current hot word in the market. I am kind of getting used to calling with the same.

Domino and Stylelistings

“Domino does not even know that his owner is making him famous on social media. Whenever you see any typo in my tweets, know that it’s because of him biting my hands while doing it. StyleListings is the best thing that has happened to me. She is one hell of a support system. I know she doesn’t understand that much of tech, but she still listens to me blabbering about leaks all day long. P.S. She knows a lot about the Poco F2.” (Ma’am! feel free to DM everything you know about the Poco F2. :p)

Personal Favorite smartphone?

My favourite smartphone right now is the Huawei P30 Pro. And trust me, I have plenty of them, but this is the one I can’t just give away.

You’re one of the most popular “Leakster” out there. What are your thoughts on the current tech World?

“The current tech world is once again into a transition state. Next year, the battle between 4G and 5G devices will begin and I am going to enjoy each and every day as 2020 will break the records when it comes to smartphone launches. As far as being “one of the most popular leaksters” is concerned, I am working day in and day out. I know it’s a bit too much to expect, but I do wish that I start 2020 with 20k followers. #20kOn2020 or something.” Join #StuffListingsArmy on Twitter.

Before we end this conversation, here is a piece of advice from Mukul Sharma for students and tech enthusiasts.

“As a professor, I’ve always told my students that they have to work their bums off. There’s no alternative to hard work. Plus, being humble is the only thing that matters in this life. Be polite, be real, follow Stufflistings. LOL! As a tech master, I’d advise my fellow community members to understand the marketing strategies of various companies. If you get it, you’ll be able to make way better decisions.”

That’s all in this sweet little interview. I would like to thanks Mukul Sir for giving me an opportunity to have some conversation. Follow him on Twitter @Stufflistings to get all the latest update of the tech world. Also, don’t forget to Subscribe Stuff Listings YT on Youtube for all the tech stuff.

Bandh karde Jaat!

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