Major accident in UP’s Fatehpur, fire started due to gas leak, a dozen people were scorched

Fatehpur | Fire at Fatehpur: A massive fire broke out after gas leaked from a gas cylinder in Chhath program in Fatehpur district of Uttar Pradesh, in which more than a dozen people were scorched. The condition of many of them is said to be serious. Children and women were also among those injured in the fire.

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fire caused by gas leakage
Fire at Fatehpur: According to the information, this accident happened in Gadhiwa locality of Sadar Kotwali area of ​​Fatehpur. Here the whole family gathered at a house in the Sixth Baroho event. There was a happy atmosphere at home. Children were playing games and food was being prepared for the people. At the same time, suddenly gas leakage started and the gas pipe caught fire, on seeing the fire took a formidable form. Due to which 13 people including the women cooking and the children present there were scorched.

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screaming in an atmosphere of happiness
Fire at Fatehpur: On the occasion of Chhath, all the family members were together and there was a jubilation of happiness. But the fierce fire in the gas cylinder destroyed everything in an instant. There was an outcry among the people due to the fire. The women and children of the house ran here and there screaming. When neighbors heard these voices, they reached the spot and rescued the people. 108 ambulance was also called and the scorched people were taken to the district hospital, where doctors referred the condition of three people to Kanpur Halt.

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