Konkan Rail will be monetized with 400 railway stations, 90 passenger trains, will get so much money


National Monetization Pipeline: The government has identified a total of 400 railway stations, 90 passenger trains, several sports stadiums and colonies of the railways as well as the famous Konkan and Hill Railway for monetization. Railways, the second largest sector after roads, have been included in the ambitious National Monetization Plan. Over Rs 1.52 lakh crore will be achieved by monetizing the brownfield infrastructure assets of the Railways in four years till FY2025.

Brownfield properties refer to those infrastructures which are currently not in use and are to be developed. Railways’ assets will contribute 26 per cent to the Rs 6 lakh crore National Monetization Plan (NMP) released by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Monday. Major rail assets identified for monetization during the financial year 2022-25 include 400 railway stations, 90 passenger trains, 1400 km long rail track, 741 km long stretch of Konkan Railway, 15 railway stadiums and selected railway colonies and four hills. Rails included.

National Monetization Scheme

Sitharaman announced the National Monetization Plan (NMP) of Rs 6 lakh crore, under which assets in different infrastructure sectors like railways, electricity to roads will be monetised. The transfer of railway stations and passenger rail operations to private hands over a period of four years would yield Rs 76,250 crore and Rs 21,642 crore, respectively. The monetization of the corridor dedicated to freight transport is expected to fetch Rs 20,178 crore, while Rs 18,700 crore is expected to be received from the Invits for track, signal and over-track equipment.

monetization of railways

7,281 crore from Konkan Railway and Rs.630 crore from monetization of mountainous railways. Monetization of operational public infrastructure assets was identified in the Union Budget 2021-22 as a major instrument for sustainable financing of infrastructure. In this direction, a provision was also made in the budget to prepare a national monetization plan. The report on NMP was prepared by NITI Aayog in consultation with the ministries of the infrastructure sector.

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