Kiya alert to everyone by playing Bisalpur dam hooter

Ajmer. In Rajasthan (Rajasthan), including Ajmer district, the capital Jaipur Bhilwara (Jaipur Bhilwara), Bisalpur Dam supplying water to Tonk, everyone was alerted by sounding the siren today. The Bisalpur dam located in Tonk district of Ajmer division has crossed its full capacity during the monsoon, but due to excess of water, the water was released for several days by opening the gate of the dam and draining the excess water and these days the gates of the dam were kept closed. Went.

Due to the end of monsoon, the dam was running at its filling capacity of 315.50 that since yesterday the rain pressure in the state increased so much that bumper inflow of water started in Triveni. The gauge of Triveni reached 3.70 meters this morning as a result the officials of the Bisalpur Dam Project had to sound the hooter (siren) for an alert before opening the gate of the dam. Now a decision can be taken to open the gates of Bisalpur Dam at any time. The in-charge engineer and staff present on the dam are in preparation. Tonk collector’s orders have to be taken before opening the gate. (talk)

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