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Kids Health Tips In Hindi: Shardiya Navratri coincides with the arrival of autumn. At this time, there is a rapid change in the weather across the country (Mausam Me Badlao). Due to heavy rain, the weather has suddenly turned cold. The parts of the country where it has not rained. There the weather has suddenly changed. Now in the morning and at night there seems to be a lot of congestion. In such a changing season, children should be given special attention (Badalate Mausam Me Bacchon Ki Dekhbhal).

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Almost all the schools in the country have opened after a long lockdown. And the children have to wake up early in the morning because of this. And get ready and leave for school. In such a situation, how to take care of the children, how to save them from mild frost, for this we bring some important tips today-

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How to take care of children

Do not allow children to walk barefoot on the floor in the morning.

Bathe babies with lukewarm water.

Drink warm almond milk in the morning breakfast.

These days you can also give ginger milk twice a week.

Morning sunlight is essential for the development of children.

Make the children sleep wearing full clothes at night.

Use a light blanket or thick sheet for this kind of frostbite.

Feed children fruits or curd during the day itself.

Save your kids from viral fear in this season too.

Send the school in full uniform so that mosquito protection remains.

Massage with mustard oil.

Grate almonds and give it to the children.

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Which disease to prevent

Viral Fever

Viral fever infection also spreads rapidly. So take special care of children. Send children to school wearing a mask only, so that your child does not get infected by other children.


Dengue outbreak is spreading all around at this time. Take special care of children both at school and at home so that your children do not fall prey to this disease.

Cold, Cough, Cold

In the changing season, children get cold and cough early. In such a situation, more attention needs to be given to the children.


Pneumonia is a serious disease. Keep your kids safe from this. Because children can be prone to pneumonia due to frostbite.



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