Kharge’s disclosure – Tharoor was asked to withdraw his name, he said – I want to fight in democracy

Responding to a question on the elections for the post of Congress President, Kharge said that he will continue to work to further the ideology of Congress, that is why he is contesting the elections.

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Congress Presenting candidature for the election of President in Mallikarjun Kharge has BJP Aimed at. He said that the BJP did not fulfill any of the promises it had made to the public. During this discussion, he has raised the issue of inflation, black money and unemployment. Responding to the question on the elections for the post of Congress President, he said that he will continue to work to further the ideology of Congress, that is why he is contesting the elections.

Mallikarjun Kharge, who had presented his strong claim in the election of Congress President two days ago, answered many questions in the discussion with the journalists. During this, he also spoke openly about leaving the post from the Rajya Sabha. In fact, Kharge’s name was added a day before the Congress President’s election. Kharge’s name came up after a discussion at the dinner table of the Gandhi family. Now they have got the support of G23 and the Gandhi family. Therefore, it is believed that he should become the president. In the discussion, Kharge also told that he had asked Shashi Tharoor to withdraw the nomination but Tharoor told him that he wanted to contest elections in a democracy.

Questions raised on BJP

Kharge has said that BJP had made many promises to the public for power. He said that BJP has said on the issue of inflation, black money and unemployment that Beechepi has not done a single work. He said that inflation is at its peak in the country, black money has not come yet and unemployment is also increasing. In such a situation, he has asked BJP to answer on these issues.

Not Rahul, Sonia and Priyanka that’s why I

On the question of contesting the election of Congress President, Kharge said, ‘Rahul, Sonia and Priyanka did not want to contest the elections. In such a situation, allies told me that I should contest elections. He said that he is not contesting against anyone in the election. He is contesting elections only to further the ideology of Congress.

left post from Rajya Sabha

On the matter of resigning from the post of Leader of Opposition, Kharge said that he is following the principle of one person one post. He told that because of this principle, he had resigned from his post on the same day he had filled the election form. During this, he made one more thing clear that 9300 delegates will decide who will become the president. After that the committee will be formed. The committee itself will take the big decisions of the party.

TV9’s question Kharge’s answer

Congress is in weakest position in history till now, you have a strong face like Prime Minister Modi, who came after 2014 with more seats in 2019, how will you cope?

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What is the policy plan?

It is the mindset of the media that the Congress is weak. I am fighting elections only to take the sport of the people. We have the power to raise everyone’s voice and we have also raised all important issues like the questions of farmers’ youth from Parliament to the road in the past. Right now Rahul Gandhi is also doing a foot march on all these questions through ‘Bharat Jodo’ Yatra. We will get more power only when we get the support of the media and the public.


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