Khadke will knock on PCC’s door today

Bhopal. All India Congress Committee President’s candidate Mallikarjun Khadke is reaching Bhopal today, he will discuss with senior party leaders and elected state Congress representatives at the state Congress office and seek support, while Shashi Tharoor is also reaching Bhopal on October 14.

Actually, the country’s oldest party Congress is going through a transition period at this time. Whatever experiments the party is doing in its quest for a comeback have so far not met with the expected success. This time the experiment is being considered to be life-saving and the party has made up its mind to make senior leader Mallikarjun Kharge as the national president. The party wants to give many messages by making a person outside the Gandhi family the national president through the electoral system. It is being considered as an attempt to increase the party’s prospects in the South and Kharge, who comes from the Depressed Classes, is being seen as an opportunity for me to increase the party’s base in this class.

However, Congress Party’s National President’s candidate Malikarjun Kharge will reach the State Congress office at 12 o’clock and meet the senior party leaders and after discussing with the State Congress representatives elected from the state and seeking support, will then address the press conference and at 3:00 PM in Delhi. will leave for Although officially the party does not ask anyone to vote, but it is believed that Mallikarjun Kharge will get the majority of the votes from the state because the election officer Madhusudan Mistry has implemented the code of conduct that any candidate can campaign. If yes, then you will have to resign from the post. For this reason no one will campaign in support of Kharge today nor will anyone come openly in support of Shashi Tharoor on October 14. In this regard, a meeting was held at the residence of Congress State President Kamal Nath recently, in which it was decided that both the candidates would be allowed to come to the state office and meet the state representatives, but Kamal Nath and Leader of Opposition Dr. Govind Singh would go to the state office and neither would they. Will appeal to either of them. If both the candidates come home to seek votes, they will have a normal meeting.

Overall, Mallikarjun Kharge, the candidate for the National President of the All India Congress Committee. Today, he will come to the Congress office in Bhopal to garner support and it is also believed that Kharge will be the next national president of the party. Despite this, following the code of conduct of the election officer of the party, no one will campaign openly.

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