Jandhan Account: Jan Dhan account holders get many special benefits, the government gives 1.3 lakh rupees


Jandhan Account Benefits: Many special facilities are given by the central government to the Jan Dhan account holders. If you have also opened a Jan Dhan account or are planning to open it, then know that the government gives the benefit of Rs 1.3 lakh to the customers. Let us tell you that PM Modi’s Jan Dhan Yojana is quite famous. Under this scheme, banking services have been expanded among the general public. Let us tell you how you can take advantage of 1.3 lakh-

How to get the benefit of 1.30 lakh?
In this scheme of the central government, two types of insurance facilities are given to the account holders. The first is accident insurance and the second is general insurance. The account holder is given accident insurance of Rs 1,00,000 along with general insurance of Rs 30,000. So in this way you get the benefit of the entire 1.30 lakh rupees.

Government provides insurance facility
Let us tell you that if any account holder gets into an accident, then he is given Rs 30,000 under this scheme. At the same time, if an account holder dies in an accident, then Rs 1 lakh is given by the government to the family members of the account holder.

Benefits of Jan Dhan account-
– interest on deposits
Accident insurance cover of Rs 1 lakh
Apart from this, there is no tension to keep minimum balance in the account.
– Customers will get the facility of accident insurance
Overdraft facility up to Rs 10 thousand will also be available
Rupay card will also be available for cash withdrawal and shopping
– Customers will also get the benefit of general insurance

Digitalization got a boost
This is the most popular scheme of the Modi government, in which account holders get many special facilities. This scheme of the government has also given a boost to digitization. Apart from this, banking facilities have also expanded to every nook and corner of the country.

Who can get the account opened?
You can open this account by visiting your nearest branch. Here you have to take a form and after that fill all your details like- name, mobile number, name of bank branch, applicant’s address and all the information. Apart from this, any person living in India can open this account. You must be 10 years or above to open this account.

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