IPL 2022: This time the new rules of cricket will start from IPL, the thrill will increase…

Mumbai | IPL 2022 Cricket Latest: There are changes in the rules of cricket from time to time, this is the reason why people remain thrilled about it. Let us tell you that a few days ago, the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) made some changes in the rules of the game earlier this month. In these rules, when caught out, only the new batsman who comes to the field will have to come on strike. Earlier, if both the batsmen present on the pitch used to cross each other before the catch, then the non-striker’s end batsman would have got the strike, but now this will not happen.

IPL 2022 Pakistan Cricket:
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New rules will be applicable in IPL…

IPL 2022 Cricket Latest: The new rules introduced will be implemented internationally in the month of October. It has been decided to implement the new rules in the IPL starting from 26 March. Explain that in the event of a catch on the last ball of the over, the new batsman will have to go to the non-striker’s end. Along with the new rules of MCC, new rules will also be applicable regarding the review from the upcoming season of IPL. Both the rival teams playing the match will be allowed to take two unsuccessful reviews in an innings.

Will get another chance to review

IPL 2022 Cricket Latest: Let us tell you that before this, the team only had a chance to take an unsuccessful review. This rule was implemented in the IPL played in 2018. But from this season this rule has also been changed, so now one team per innings will have another additional opportunity to approach the third umpire if they are not satisfied with the on-field umpire.

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