If you do this then you will get insurance policy at a low cost


Insurance Discount: Those who are fond of fitness or say daily exercise can get cheap insurance policy in future. Rebate in the cost of the policy is planned to be given in lieu of their hard work and sweat shed. Insurance regulator IRDA i.e. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority has shared a draft with all the insurance companies in this regard.

This is how you will get discount
IRDA has mentioned in the draft the possibility that insurance companies will be able to sell things like wellness programs i.e. yoga and gym membership along with their policies. The regulator has sought suggestions from all stakeholders on these possibilities.

After the implementation of this arrangement, only after redeeming the points that the customer will get while using the wellness program or doing exercise and yoga, there will be a system of discount in its price while renewing the insurance policy.

Mission Digital India becomes Sahara
After the corona epidemic, awareness has been seen among people about their health. Taking advantage of that, this new step has come to the fore. Along with this, a huge infrastructure of digital sector has also been prepared in the country, which can help in implementing this system possible and easily.

The Central Government has been promoting the Digital India Mission in the country for a long time. In today’s era, many such applications have come in the country which give coins or points when walking or running. Using those points, people can subscribe online or even buy select products. IRDA is also preparing its new scheme on the same lines.

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