Government will implement CAA

Siliguri. The Citizenship Amendment Act i.e. CAA, which has been in cold storage for the last two and a half years, has been brought back into the limelight by Union Home Minister Amit Shah after it was passed by Parliament. He has said that the central government will implement this law soon. In a meeting in West Bengal on Thursday, the Home Minister targeted the state’s Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and said that she is spreading rumors about this law. Shah said that the CAA could not be implemented because of Corona, but the government will implement it as soon as the corona is over and drive the infiltrators out of Bengal.

Significantly, the amended Citizenship Act was made in 2019 but the government has not yet been able to decide its rules, due to which it has not been implemented. Through this law, the government will give citizenship of India to non-Muslims coming from neighboring countries after being persecuted. There was great opposition to this law across the country. However, Amit Shah held a rally at the Railway Sports Ground in Siliguri on Thursday and during this he attacked Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee fiercely.

Amit Shah said- We thought that if Mamta Banerjee wins for the third time, maybe it will improve, but nothing has changed. You have chosen Mamta didi thrice, even after that she is not improving. He said that till Mamta didi does not end the rule of atrocities, corruption, cut money and syndicate on the people of Bengal, BJP will continue its fight. The Home Minister said that after the violence that took place in Bengal after the elections, the Human Rights Commission also accepted that there is no rule of law in Bengal, but the rule of the will of those in power here.

Targeting the West Bengal government over the Citizenship Amendment Act, he said – TMC spreads rumors that CAA will not be applicable on the ground. CAA will be implemented after the Corona wave is over. He said – Open your ears and listen to TMC people that CAA is reality, was and will be. Will end infiltration from Bengal.

Targeting Mamta Banerjee, Amit Shah said- PM Modi gave free food grains to the people for the last two years, but Mamta didi is putting her photo in it. He said – 545 km road work has started from Gorakhpur to Siliguri with an expenditure of 31 thousand crores. Keeping the Gorkha population in mind, Shah said- If there is one party which pays attention to the Gorkha brothers, it is the BJP. We have said that we will find a solution to the problems of the Gorkha brothers by living within all the constitutional limits.

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