Government removed the mayor of Jaipur Greater Municipal Corporation

Jaipur. The Rajasthan government removed the Mayor of Jaipur Greater Municipal Corporation, Soumya Gurjar, from the post in the wake of a judicial inquiry found guilty. According to the order issued by the Autonomous Government Department in this regard, Mrs. Gurjar was disqualified for re-election for the next six years by removing her from the membership and mayor’s post with immediate effect, keeping in view the judicial inquiry report of August 10 against her. Huh.

It is noteworthy that on June 4, 2021, Mrs. Gurjar was suspended on June 6 in connection with the allegations of assault and misbehavior with the then Corporation Commissioner, Corporation Commissioner Yagyamitra Singh Dev. After this, after being found prima facie guilty in the preliminary investigation against Mrs. Gurjar, a judicial inquiry was conducted under section 39 of the Municipal Act 2009 and Mrs. Gurjar was found guilty in the judicial inquiry report issued on August 10.

Mrs. Gurjar took refuge in the court regarding this matter and the matter reached the Supreme Court and in February last, after staying her suspension order, she again took over the post of mayor of Jaipur Greater Municipal Corporation. Recently, the Supreme Court disposed of the petition, freeing the state government to take action in the matter. (talk)

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