FIFA World Cup: American journalist covering Argentina-Netherlands match dies

New Delhi | FIFA World Cup 2022: A sensational news has emerged from the FIFA World Cup 2022. Grant Wahl, an American journalist who went to Qatar to cover FIFA matches, has died suspiciously.

It is being told that he was taken into custody for wearing a rainbow shirt in support of the LGBTQ community. A few days later, journalist Grant Wahl died suddenly while covering a football World Cup match between Argentina and the Netherlands.

Brother expressed suspicion of murder
FIFA World Cup 2022: His brother has raised doubts over the sudden death of 48-year-old journalist Grant and termed it as murder. Reporter Grant died while covering the quarter-final between Argentina and Netherlands at the Lusail Iconic Stadium on Friday. His brother Eric also accused the Qatar government of his brother’s death, saying that the Qatar government could also be involved in his brother’s death. He said in a post from his Instagram handle, I am gay. Because of me, my brother wore rainbow shirt in the World Cup. After which he told me that he was getting threats. I think he has been murdered. He has pleaded for help for his brother.

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