Dragon conspiracy on the playground over Galvan Valley dispute, Indian diplomats boycott Beijing Olympics

New Delhi | Beijing Olympics 2022: The dragon, who has continuously spread its venom in the path of India, has once again shown its nefarious deeds. This time China has conspired against India conspiracy not on the border but on the playground. Dragon has taken the nefarious step of making a military commander involved in a skirmish with Indian soldiers in Galwan Valley as torchbearer for the Winter Olympics. After which Indian diplomats have objected to this and have boycotted the Beijing Winter Olympics.

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Dragon plotting globally
Beijing Olympics 2022: The whole world has seen China’s trickery and nefarious antics. But it has also turned the playground into a battlefield. Which India has refused to accept. This shameful step being taken by China against India is going to show its petty mentality. When India did not win on the battlefield, its revenge is being shown on the playing field. In such a situation, this decision of China is being seen as a conspiracy to spread the dispute in Galvan Valley globally.

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Indian Ambassador will not take part in Olympics opening and closing
After Qi Fabao was made the torch bearer, a meeting was held at the UNSC in which India, while presenting its side, said that after the incident in Galvan Valley, India has been negotiating at the political and military level to establish peace from the beginning so that , to find a peaceful solution between the two countries. But, China does not want that. China has politicized the Olympics. In such a situation, the Acting Ambassador of India will not participate in the opening and closing of the Beijing Olympics.

Rushabh Kothari

Senior Journalist at Youthistaan.

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