Digital Disruptor Abhinav Pundir’s Transition From A Influencer To An Entrepreneur Is Every Bit Inspiring

Abhinav Pundir is one of the most successful and most loved people of his age. At this young age, he is an SEO expert and he also runs a drop-shipping business. He always tries to do new things and that’s when he started his Influencers Management Agency named FameUps.He started it in March and today the agency is managing more than a hundred influencers. The agency helps influencers in every way. They help in brand collaboration, PR and they also help in social value. The influencers are from the fashion, beauty, and fitness niche. The agency also provides influencers marketing. In this period of six months, they have managed to work for more than fifteen brands including the Binomo app.

Abhinav started his journey in social media in the year 2018 when he started his page. The page went viral in the year 2019 because of his strategies. Within one and a half years, the page had more than 500k followers. Then he applied the same strategies in other pages and in no time he was able to build a strong base. Today his base is of 10 million and overall his base is more than 100 million. He used to help people and give them tips on how to grow their page and that gave him the idea of starting his Influencer Marketing agency. He had to face a lot of struggles but that didn’t stop him from achieving his ambitions. He has earned more than twenty lakhs and he has also got clients from UK and Canada.

Even though he has earned a lot still he is a person who is kind to everyone.FameUps is a success because he strived hard for it. He kept educating himself and he always avoided pitfalls during his work. He keeps investing in books, online courses, and podcasts to learn for professional as well as personal development. When he was asked about his success he said “ Success is not fortuitous. So my main motto in life is to enjoy the process and to never give up on Almighty ” and that is something inspirational. Abhinav’s dream is to be a successful entrepreneur and we all know that his knowledge and his dedication will lead him to success.


Nalin Bisht:
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