Daily Khabar is all about catering to the Indian target audience the Desi Punjabi Content

There are certain things that value a lot when you go out of your comfort zone. This is something really interesting to check when we talk about Daily Khabar. It has been a connecting stone for one and all. Especially the Desi crowd who look for an Indian content that can bring them close to their mother land despite living thousands of miles away from their place in an alien land. Daily Khabar is a news and broadcasting portal that has just commenced its journey in April 2021.

One of the team members in the driving man of Daily Khabar is none other than Ranjha Rajan who is a versatile man, he is known for various skills in his personality allowing him to keep several eggs in his basket making things the best. He heads the publication known as Daily Khabar and also has been playing his part in designing the content in a creative way. It is he who has done wonders in this platform as he remains the key content creator who takes care of the pre and post production tasks in content in this field. Sharandeep Singh is the owner and CEO of the Company. While him, being a Sikh who is trying to spread his culture in New Zealand with his channel daily Khabar which is Punjabi language based news channel.

One of the key USPs of the portal is the creative contents. Thus at the end of the day, all you can get is the best of the quality content for the audience with Daily Khabar. This has been the incredible approach for the audience. Perhaps this brings in one and all close to the audience in a big way. Well, let’s see how things move in this direction, but at the moment Daily Khabar seems to be driving the Indians here.

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