Current ran in a moving bus in Rajasthan, 3 passengers killed, many seriously injured, CM Gehlot expressed grief

Jaisalmer | Jaisalmer Bus Incident: A major accident has happened in Rajasthan today. In Jaisalmer district of the state, a bus was hit by an electric current on Tuesday. Due to which many passengers aboard the bus got burnt. Out of which three people have died. The injured are being treated in the hospital. Villagers and police, who reached the spot on information, took all the injured to Jawahir Hospital in Jaisalmer while carrying out relief rescue work. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has expressed grief over this tragic accident in the state.

Treatment of the injured in the accident continues, one is in critical condition
Jaisalmer Bus Incident: According to the information received from the police, this painful accident happened near Polji’s Dairy at around 10 am today in Sadar police station area, 15 km from Jaisalmer. It is being told that the people of Khiniya and Khuiyala villages of the area had gone to the fair of the folk deity Sant Sadaram in a private bus. While returning from there, this accident happened in which apart from the death of three people, 6 people are injured whose treatment is going on. One of them is in critical condition.

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Electric wires touched by people sitting on the bus
It is being told that the cause of the accident is being told the work going on on the road. Also, it has been revealed in the information that, due to the full seats of the bus, some people were sitting on the roof of the bus. In such a situation, when the bus came out from there, the people sitting above were touched by the electric wires. Due to which they got caught in the current and the current ran in the whole bus.

The bus driver did not panic, took the bus forward
Jaisalmer Bus Incident: As soon as the current started running in the bus, there was a scream among the passengers present in it. But the driver did not lose his patience and quickly took the bus forward. Due to which the current in the bus remained for a few moments. But by then 8 people had been hit by the current. If the bus driver had lost patience at the time of the accident and did not show promptness, then this accident could have been more serious.

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