Couple arrested in honey trap

Saharanpur. In Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, the police have arrested a couple who had trapped men in a honey trap for money. According to the police officer, the accused, identified as Amrik and Deepa, have been arrested from village Sahiya in Dehradun.

Additional superintendent of police (city) Rajesh Kumar said that in the month of June, Mukesh Kumar had lodged a complaint in the police station Janakpuri alleging that on the pretext of repaying the loan of Rs 50,000 taken from him, the husband and wife named Amrik and Deepa were trapped in the honeytrap. .

The complainant also alleged that he had lent Rs 50,000 to the woman’s husband. One day the accused called Mukesh to his house on the pretext of repaying the loan and after giving him a cold drink mixed with drugs, he made a pornographic video of him with his wife and blackmailed Mukesh. Together, both of them blackmailed Mukesh continuously and recovered one and a half lakh rupees. During the investigation, both Amrik and Deepa were arrested by the local police on September 20. (IANS)

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