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Coronavirus: The coronavirus omicron variant of the coronavirus has spread to at least 20 countries. Now scientists believe that even though this variant is now caught, but in Europe (Europe mein omicron variant) it had quietly spread its feet long ago. Now the WHO has issued a new warning saying that people above 60 years of age and suffering from any disease should not travel anywhere at the moment.

Meanwhile, an important data has first come out about Omicron from Israel, according to which people who have received the vaccine are at the same risk of new variants as the delta variant but Those who have not been vaccinated are at twice the risk than Delta. That is, a minimum risk coverage is provided by full vaccination. Israeli Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz has said that according to the data received, people who have received a full vaccine within six months or who have received a booster get protection from Omicron.

Scientists say that this is the time to introduce more and more vaccines (coronavirus new variants) and companies should help a lot in this work. The WHO (WHO ko coronavirus new variants per kya kehna hai) has also said that nothing can be said with certainty about Omicron but the possibility of its spread around the world is very high. Therefore Vacancies will have to expand rapidly.

In the US, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) (CDC) has talked about making more strict rules for testing for foreign travelers. Now passengers will have to show the test report 24 hours in advance. Right now this period is 72 hours. According to the CDC, the current rules applicable to travelers are not sufficient. The CDC also stated that there are 50 mutations in the omicron variant symptoms. Till now 30 mutations were being talked about. On the other hand, the number of corona infected in South Africa is increasing very fast. Wherein mid-November used to get 300 cases daily, now their number has increased to 3000 per day. Scientists in South Africa have said that now Omicron is more dominant than the Delta variant and according to the data available, the Omicron variant is also infecting people who were previously corona infected.


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