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Corona Pandemic News: Everyone has shown restraint and understanding during the Corona pandemic. Its result is now coming out. The daily cases of corona are coming very less. The country is presenting a model to the world in corona vaccination. It is not easy to reach the magic figure of 100 crores. India has done this. For this, the preparedness of the government, the obedience of the people in the health services and the participation of the general public have been important. The corona pandemic is not over. That’s why we have to understand ourselves and also explain to other people that there is a limit to the government and system, so every person in the country and society has to understand his duty. So far everyone has done a good job.

The festival season is going on now. Festivals and festivals will go on for a few more months. Public events are also taking place. People are also traveling. Everything is necessary for life. But the most important thing is to protect your life. For this, it is necessary that during Corona, we follow the things told by health experts. Wear a mask whenever you leave the house. Don’t forget it. You have got the corona vaccine, it does not mean that you will not wear a mask. Wearing a mask is mandatory now. People who have not been able to get vaccinated for some reason so far, motivate them to get vaccinated.

To avoid Kovid, the best weapon is to vaccinate at the earliest and follow the Kovid compliant behavior. People are not more serious in the matter of following the Kovid compliant behavior, it is very sad that you in rural areas Even today we will be able to see such a situation where people ignore the habits according to Kovid, they feel that they will not get infected with Kovid and Corona Virus cannot harm them. The importance of this behavior of the people has to be understood, we can avoid any next wave of Kovid only when the vaccine of Kovid is done on a large scale. Even after getting the vaccine, Kovid-compliant behavior should be followed.

If we all strictly follow the covid compliant behavior then surely any wave of pandemic can be stopped. For this people have to follow covid compliant behavior, wear mask properly, keep sanitizing or sanitizing hands continuously, avoid going to crowded places, follow social distance etc. all to avoid covid There are primary level efforts.

We have been celebrating the festival over the years by hugging, congratulating and socializing with each other. But this time, celebrate the festival by following a completely different covid compliant behavior, it will also instill a sense of responsibility in us that we are keeping our traditions safe while keeping the society safe. Do tell the children of the house about this, children have neither gone to school nor met with friends for a long time, for children, the festival means a lot of fun and socializing with friends. It is the duty of the elders to explain to the children that Kovid is not gone yet. We have to keep following the covid-compliant behavior even after considering it as a festival.

(The author is Dr. Arvind Rajvanshi, Director, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh.)



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