Child, woman rescued by RPF jawan after being hit by train

Mumbai A Railway Protection Force (RPF) jawan, showing vigilance and bravery, saved a woman and her child from being hit by a local train in Mumbai. Central Railway officials gave this information on Wednesday. CR’s chief spokesperson Shivaji Sutar shared a video of the incident and said that the incident took place at around 12.04 pm. On Tuesday, when the woman was trying to board a heavily crowded local train in Mankhurd with her one-year-old child in her lap. Due to overcrowding, the woman lost her balance, slipped and fell into the gap between the moving train and the platform.

Seeing this, alert RPF constable Akshay Soy jumped to grab the woman’s child and some other passengers also rushed to drag the surprised woman to the platform. Sutar said that both the mother and the child were in a state of shock but were safe and sound, appreciating the efforts of constable Soy to save them from possible injury or death. This year, vigilant teams of RPF jawans have helped rescue around 62 people in different parts of Maharashtra, at times risking their lives, through multiple CCTV or commuter videos on such incidents on social media or traditional are going viral on the media. Of these, 24 people were saved in congested Mumbai division alone, 14 in Nagpur division, 12 in Pune division, 8 in Bhusaval division and 4 in Solapur division, officials said. 

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