Bull derails 16 coaches of goods train, 8 trains cancelled, major accident averted in Punjab

Chandigarh | Goods Train Racks Derailed: 16 coaches of a goods train derailed in Punjab late last night. Due to which there was a stir in the railways. However, there is no report of any loss of life or property in this accident. But during this time 8 trains had to be canceled from this route. It is worth noting that in Punjab, such accidents are being seen more and more in the last few days.

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Stray cattle derailed goods train
According to the information, a herd of stray cattle arrived on the railway track near Gurdwara Patha Sahib in Rupnagar at around 12:35 pm on Sunday night. Due to which the goods train derailed.

Driver applied emergency brake
Train Accident: In the dark of night, suddenly the driver of the goods train saw a herd of stray bulls on the track. In such a situation, when the driver applied emergency brakes to save the cattle, 16 coaches of the goods train derailed uncontrollably. Fortunately, all the coaches of the goods train were empty during this period. Due to which any major accident was avoided.

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8 trains on Pathankot-Amritsar train route canceled
Goods Train Racks Derailed: There was a stir in the railways on the information of the derailment of the goods train and 8 trains on the Pathankot-Amritsar rail route were cancelled. Railways has started the work of repair of the track and rescue teams on the spot are clearing the track using machines to re-open the blocked route. Railways has said to clear the track by this evening.

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