Blame game starts on cancellation of Bihar urban local bodies

Patna, Oct 6 (IANS) After the cancellation of urban local body elections in Bihar, the blame game between the JD(U) and BJP has begun.

Lalan Singh, the JD(U) national president, said that the BJP was trying to create confusion on the basis of reservation in Bihar.

“When the Supreme Court passed the order related to reservation in 2007, Sushil Kumar Modi was the urban development minister of Bihar. During his tenure and until the BJP was in power in Bihar, its leaders had no objection to it and many urban local body elections took place. Now, the BJP is out of power, its leaders are putting question marks over it,” Singh said.

“The BJP is an anti-reservation party which is trying to create confusion on reservation. The saffron leaders are connecting the Supreme Court decision, which had been given for Maharashtra, and are demanding for a commission now. It has no relevance. The BJP leaders are trying to create confusion through the formation of commissions of OBC and EBC in Bihar,” Singh said.

Upendra Kushwaha, the president of the JD(U) parliamentary board, said: “The petitioner of this case has a direct link with the BJP. The BJP leaders are celebrating the decision more than anyone else. If you go individually to the houses of BJP leaders you would realize the truth. The BJP leaders have dual faces. On one hand they are claiming that they are not against reservation and on the other hand they are trying to end reservation in the country.”

The BJP has attacked the Nitish Kumar government on the issue. Tar Kishore Prasad, the former deputy chief minister and BJP MLA, said: “The Nitish Kumar government deliberately created complications for the cancellation of urban local body elections.

“If this government would have formed the commissions, then the elections could have been held on scheduled time. The Supreme Court clearly directed the states to form commissions for OBC and EBC and conduct surveys before elections. The apex court had also set certain parameters on the social, financial and education status of people.”

“The Bihar government put the order of the Supreme Court aside and wanted to hold an election,” said Prasad.

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Dinesh Guna

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