BJP MLA said- Jodha-Akbar did not have love-marriage, daughter had bet for power


In a program organized in Sagar, BJP MLA Rameshwar Sharma said that there was no love between Jodha-Akbar. It was a case of betting the daughter for power.

Bharatiya Janata Party MLA Rameshwar Sharma told the matter of Jodha-Akbar not love marriage but putting the daughter at stake for power. In a video going viral on social media, Rameshwar Sharma is seen asking, “Was there any love between Jodha Bai-Akbar? Did the two meet in some college? Did they meet at the coffee house?” He said that “when people become greedy for power and put their daughter at stake for power, beware of such robbers who are yours and can betray religion.”

Let us tell you that he said these things in the Hindutva Dharma Samvad program organized in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh. Sharing this video, Congress spokesperson Avnish Singh Bundela wrote in a tweet questioning that, “By pointing fingers at the character of Rameshwar ji Jodha Bai, you are insulting the Rajput society, is this your Hindu culture a few years ago, you were the ones who jodha.” Akbar used to strongly oppose the film, used to say that Hindutva is an insult, what happened today?

At the same time, when BJP MLA Rameshwar Sharma from Huzur Vidhan Sabha of Bhopal district of Madhya Pradesh was questioned about this statement, he said that, Hindu religion remained safe only because of Rajputs like Kshatriya Maharana Pratap and Chhatrasal, who did not bow before the Mughals, did not bow down to swords. We are proud of him with two hands. On the other hand, about Jodha Bai’s father Man Singh, he said that those who cheated the society and the country, they should take their own decision.



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