Big action against illegal mining in Rajasthan

Jaipur. Dr. Subodh Agrawal, Additional Chief Secretary, Mines and Petroleum said that from November 11, the state’s Mines Department had taken action against illegal mining activities. In the three-day special campaign run, 195 actions have been taken across the state, along with seizure of 200 vehicles, an amount of more than 70 lakh 29 thousand has been recovered as fine. During the campaign, maximum action has been taken in Jaipur zone and Jaipur circle, while Jaipur has been ahead in recovery amount.

ACS Mines Dr. Subodh Agrawal informed that during the inaugural session of Stonemart on January 10, Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot said that the state government is serious about illegal mining and is making efforts to stop it by running a continuous campaign. Apart from promoting legal mining in the state and discussing action against illegal mining, the government is also serious about the health of workers engaged in safe mining and mining operations. With the instructions of Chief Minister Gehlot, the department came on action mode and with immediate effect it was decided to conduct a three-day special campaign in coordination with the Superintendents of Police. He said that the campaign has yielded positive results.

Dr. Agrawal informed that during the campaign, maximum 176 actions have been taken for illegal mineral transportation. While 4 cases of illegal storage have come to the fore, 15 actions have been taken against illegal mining activities. During the proceedings by the officials, 523 tonnes of the mineral have been seized.

Director Mines Shri Sandesh Nayak informed that the three-day campaign was successful in its objectives in such a way that along with the seizure of 200 vehicles and machines during the campaign, 70 lakh 37 thousand rupees have been recovered in just three days. DMG Shri Nayak informed that during the campaign the campaign was conducted under the guidance of Additional Director Shri BS Sodha in Jaipur Zone, Shri Mahesh Mathur in Jodhpur and Udaipur Zone and Shri Mahavir Meena in Kota. He said that regular proceedings would continue even after the campaign against illegal mining activities.

Under the guidance of Shri BS Sodha, under the guidance of Shri BS Sodha, 56 vehicles including 2 compressors, one Poklane machine have been seized in Jaipur, Alwar, Sikar, Jhunjhunu, Dausa and Tonk under the leadership of Shri Pratap Meena, SME of Jaipur Circle. In Jaipur, maximum Rs.8 lakh 77 thousand. A fine of more than Rs. Under the leadership of SME Shri Pratap Meena, remarkable action has been taken by Shri Rajendra Chaudhary in ME Jaipur Shri Krishna Sharma, Shri Pushpendra Meena, Shri Amichand Alwar in Neem Ka police station. Under the leadership of Ajmer SME Shri Jai Gurbakhsani, effective action has been taken by Shri Sahdev Saran, Beawar Shri Shyam Chaudhary in Ajmer and Nagaur.

In 33 proceedings under the leadership of Kota Bharatpur SME Shri Avinash Kuldeep, 34 vehicles have been confiscated and a fine of more than 10 lakhs has been recovered. Action was taken in Jodhpur and Udaipur under the guidance of Additional Director Shri Mahesh Mathur. SME Jodhpur, under the leadership of Dr. Dharmendra Lohar, ME Mr. Praveen Agrawal and others and in Bikaner circle under the leadership of Mr. Bhim Singh, 53 vehicle machinery was seized while taking 54 actions. A fine of more than 23 lakhs has been collected.

In Udaipur zone, under the guidance of Shri Mahesh Mathur, SME Rajsamand under the leadership of Shri OP Kabra, Shri Puran Mal Singaria, Shri Ansari, SME Udaipur Shri NK Vairava and SME Bhilwara Shri Kamlesh Baregama. Remarkable action has been taken by ME Shri Jinesh Humad in Bhilwara.

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