Benefit of Bihar politics to Congress

The biggest beneficiary of the political developments in Bihar is the Congress party. Many experts are of the opinion that RJD will benefit a lot but the reality is that Congress will benefit more than RJD. The reason for this is that RJD is the party of Bihar and is the largest party in the Bihar Legislative Assembly. His advantage in that ratio is not huge. Anyway, he was being considered the winner in the next election. But the Congress with 19 MLAs has got a share in the power sitting. When she was out of the power of Maharashtra, she joined the power of Bihar.

But the real advantage has come to him in other states outside Bihar. For example, in the neighboring state of Jharkhand, the campaign to break the Congress MLAs has been temporarily stopped. Congress MLAs are starting to see the possibility in the next election as well. They feel that the benefit of forming a grand alliance in Bihar will be in Jharkhand and the BJP will be weak. So they will think a hundred times before switching sides. Similarly, in the states which have elections this year or next year, a message has gone out that the Congress is still a force in the politics of the opposition. This message has gone a long way after RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav came to Delhi to meet Sonia Gandhi. Congress is being accepted as a force in opposition politics. Apart from this, a message has been sent at the level of perception from the developments in Bihar that the BJP can also be removed or stopped from power. Congress will also benefit from this.

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